Configuring RosAsm  ....

See also: Include_Files

RosAsm uses the Win Registry for storing your configuration. 

The record, visible with Regedit.exe, is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / RosAsm 

The [Config] Menu item opens a Tab Control Dialog with  tabs, for:

Tree View, Text Editor, Indent and Tabulations, Colors, Help Files locations and for customizing a User PopUp Menu. 

I think usage is self evident and doesn't need any detailed description. 

But, maybe all this will not be enough for someone. So, to go a bit further, you may wish to modify RosAsm itself. Here are some points that you  could modify, and how to do it:

Make a 'Copy of RosAsm.exe'

Run 'Copy of RosAsm.exe'

Load RosAsm




Rename / Delete

I have grouped the Custom Data at the top of RosAsm Source (out of Printer default Font).

Examples of easy modifications:

At the beginning of the source, you will find:

[EntryPointLabel: B§ 'MAIN'   EntryPointLabelLen: len]                      ; upper case needed

[CallBackName: B§ 'MAINWINDOWPROC'  CallBackNameLen: len]

If you can't live with my namings, change them here.

RosAsm has some rude tables that limit your possibilities: 'DialogList:', 'MenuList:', ... These Lists are to hold the amount of Dialog, Menus, ... that one source can have. Each List is made-up of a flow of three dwords: ID / Pointer_to_data_in_memory / Size. I set them as:

[DialogList: 0 #MAXDIALOG]           ; [MAXDIALOG 300] at top of file.

This is to say that, without modification, you can, in one App, have 100 Dialogs, 100 Menus, ... If this is not enough for one project, adjust these values to your needs.

Same for:

[uRsrcList: ; RosAsm infos storage for .rsrc section building (5 dWords per resource)

   D§ 0              ; Type

         0              ; ID

    0409              ; Language

         0              ; Data pointer

         0              ; Size

   #MAXRESOURCE]  ; [MAXRESOURCE 200] at top of file.

This rude declaration limits the total amount of resources to 200 objects. I  suppose its wide enough for most productions, but if not, just increase this Equate.


If you realize some code modifications or additions (like in tools adding up here), copy your work in the ClipBoard, and save that in any text editor with enough comments in order to restore after each new released download. All this is much easier than you could think. 

Don't be afraid of breaking RosAsm as you have saved it in the 'Copy of...'.