Other Win32 able Assemblers  ...

-For 'multi-purpose' programming, NASM is the Assembler of choice. Free open sources (GPLed), basic syntax close to RosAsm's (in fact, the reverse is true: 

I implemented RosAsm syntax as close as possible to NASM's...). 

But written in C (!!! Joke of the day... Ha Ha !) ???).


FASM is a simple, small and fast, Multi-Purpose Assembler (freeware, with Sources provided, but not GPLed). It  is auto-compilable and can actually output binaries for Dos, Win32, Linux and any other x86 OS (example, MenuetOS). Very interesting literal approach (highly flexible, true Low Level Assembler).

Available at: < http://flatassembler.net/ >

Jeremy Gordon:


He recently released an interesting Assembler: GoAsm, also specifically designed for Win32 Programming. As this author previously released several other tools, including a good Debugger, a well known Resources Editor and an effective Linker, the offer is really impressive. Not GPLed. Last time I gave it a try, I found it to be faster than RosAsm (the Macros System is -was...- a bit 'light'). Shareware, for the full Intructions Set.